Russian spy plane takes pics of our missiles ....really?

is this real? Am I being duped by fake news, because this sounds just plain crazy.

Unless it is confirmed by other sources, I wouldn’t trust the Daily Fail.

god, I hope it’s wrong.

If it’s real, it’s strictly a BDE move on Putin’s part, because they don’t need to use spy planes.

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If it took pictures of anything it was taking pictures of closed silos rather than our missiles.

Not a novel event either.

Obviously, if the Russians are allowed to do this by treaty, the missile site is not “Top Secret.”

Its the Open Skies treaty. So what’s the problem?

The U.S. State Department claims that treaty allows unarmed aerial observation of military forces and activities over the territories of the nations who sign.

It is intended to improve mutual understanding and promote openness and transparency.

It’s fine. Relax. Donald invited them. He just forgot to tell everyone.

Big deal. Pics are available on the net anyway. It’s just another example of one side tweaking the nose of the other.

It us real, it is the Open Skies Treaty. We have the same access to them. They are allowed so many flights a year and we know ahead of time when they are coming. Anything we have out important we bring inside if possible.

wow…seems crazy. never knew about this treaty.

You can’t blame Donald for this one. It was negotiated and signed by the US in 1992 under George HW Bush and has been in effect since 2002. Trump is actually being criticized (by Democrats in Congress) for wanting to pull out of the treaty.

I’m thinking this needs an edit.

Whoops. Got it. :wink:

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Yeah, I was just reading about that. This treat is all new to me. Pretty wild stuff.

So do you support Trump on this?

I am ignorant of the subject, so will reserve judgement.