RUSSIAN OBSESSION: Schumer Says Trump ‘SELLING OUT DEMOCRACY’ to Putin | Sean Hannity

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned his fellow Americans that President Trump shouldn’t be allowed to “meet with Putin alone” on Wednesday; bizarrely claiming the Commander-in-Chief was more “loyal” to Russia than to NATO.

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I’m originally from Hollis New York City and we call people like Schumer a
Shyster. The ONLY thing Shyster Schumer cares about is MONEY.
He will BEG, BORROW, LIE and STEAL for it! Don’t be Fooled by this
Lying Liberal Democratic Shyster. If You Are That Makes You The Same
As Him, A SHYSTER!!!

Glenn, Where I come from he’s a “SCHMUCK”!! Why would anybody even want to listen to this JEWISH WHORE??? Is beyond me!!!

Trump is really bringing out the morons in our government. Shummer, Harris, Waters, and Adam Schiff etc. are all loosing their minds on a constant basis. Every time they open their mouths stupid pours out.

What does his religion have to do with his political views?

Ironic post, comrade.