Russian interference into Net Neutrality

Ajit Pai has admitted what most people already figured out that during the public comment period about Net Neutrality, Russian bot farms were polluting the process.

As many as nine and a half million people had their identities stolen and used to file fake comments, which is a crime under both federal and state laws,” she wrote. “Nearly eight million comments were filed from e-mail domains associated with On top of this, roughly half a million comments were filed from Russian e-mail addresses. Something here is rotten—and it’s time for the FCC to come clean.”
In his response, Pai says it is a “fact” that some of the comments were submitted using Russian e-mail addresses, but argues many of those comments supported net neutrality. The “fact” comment—as Gizmodo points out—is different than what was said in a court filing related to the lawsuit where the FCC claims it is not convinced of Russian interference.

The thing that I found crazy about this is that nearly 100% of the real responses… myself included… was in favor of keeping Net Neutrality rules but Pai ignored all of those and basically ignored at the time that there was a campaign of using fake accounts.

this should be a HUGE thread.

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How do they know. It could have been some 400lb guy on his bed

I don’t really care. Do u?

Should be but isn’t. Ajit pai is one of those I hope gets investigated by the house

Thank you. I was honestly surprised that no one cared.

He has been doing some seriously hinky stuff.

I don’t think that he is in the pockets of the Russians… but he is in the pockets of the corporations.

The wierd thing is…, why did the Russian troll farms get involved?

Were they hired by a third party? Was it all an attempt to cast doubt on the process and erode trust in the institutions?

It is very strange.

The Russians and the Republicans will never be forgiven for their treacherous actions.

Let them cleanse their sins through the “Walk of Atonement”.

Easy answer…it divides people…in fact everything does these days so you have your hands on everything…more bang for your buck…

The Mexican cartel are less corrupt than these folks.

The Mexican cartels have accountability among themselves with severe penalty. Trump has never been accountable to anything or anyone else.

I only referred to them because I just watched sicario the other night. …and while it was interesting…Emily blunt role was pointless and stupid …oh noes I’m the straight arrow and I might do something! And then never really does…

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Remember when Ajit Pai did the Harlem Shake with a Pizzagater in a Daily Caller video to show why the repeal of Net Neutrality was a good thing?

Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

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So the investigations into the public comment period continues.

So what do we know.

That millions of comments were fake.
That russian bot farms were involved.
That people in Trump’s orbit were involved.
That a lot of names were gained through outright identity theft

And now we know that a good amount of the comments were driven by right leaning dark money groups.

As long as the outcome was the prefferred outcome, there will be no consternation expressed with this.

The ends justifies the means. Whenever you hear that from supporters of the administration, it is a “tell”.