Russian Interference in our election

Well, this is so obvious, Russia did interfere in our 2016 election. And there is incontrovertible proof.
Bernie Sanders Honeymooned in the Soviet Union. Even worse he was a mayor at the time. AN US government official sympathizing with a communist dictator.

In spite of this he ran as a Communist puppet in 2016 against Hillary, even worse he is running again. AS he supports a communist dictatorship he obviously wants to undermine our democracy and violate our constitution.

Funny thing is Trump is accused of being Bernie, but nobody cares Bernie is Bernie

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So… Trump Man Good?


Everytime a liberal gets confronted with facts they call a person a trump lover. That is why people say ■■■■■■■■. why don’t you try to refute the small number of facts presented. SAy he did not travel to the Soviet Union while he was a mayor on his honeymoon. Say he did not run for president in 2016. Say that the Soviet union was a democracy.

Honeymooning in the Soviet Union makes Sanders a communist?

Donald went to North Korea and played nice with a murderous dictator. What does that make him?

really really really a lame response

really really really lame premise for the OP.

Bernie Sanders would be the most communist candidate from the Dems since Hillary Clinton.

we need a special counsel to see if putin has dirt on him and he is compromised.

Couldn’t see a difference either, could you?

It’s okay.

This is all Democrats ever do. Projection, projection, projection. They accuse Donald Trump of being a Russian asset because they know that Bernie, and the rest of the Democratic Party, are straight up communists. Bernie is the only one that will admit it though. They know how toxic their ideology is so they say they’re just progressives. Progressive is code for Communist. Even the “moderate” Democrats want to ruin the economy.


Bernie Collusion

Unless you’re a member of the tea party, you can’t even claim to be American! :grinning:

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Oh Lord, protect Donald and therefore America from the clutches of komma-nysm.

Trumps doing a fine job on his own. He doesnt need us. Dont worry well fix it later as usual

Some people would say he’s wrecking the economy with his trade wars. I don’t see it that way. Democrats tried to wreck the economy and they failed. Donald Trump is purposely inflicting damage on the economy in order to fight China. China is hurting really bad. They’re just about to sign a really good trade deal with the United States. Donald Trump might wait until right before the election in order to maximize the political benefit that signing the deal will get him. Don’t belief the hype that he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He has a certified genius level brain.

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we have to protect America from Communist agents of Putin Like Donald.

when you compare Donald to Bernie Democrats look really dumb.

Democrats already look really dumb, because kommanysm. Fortunately Donald protects us from their dumb!

Donald is dumb

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Dumb like a star-spangled fox!

thats all they know

retard talk