Russian collusion liars?

Question: Are liberals mad because the Obama Administration lied to the American people or are they mad because they got caught lying when the transcripts were released?

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I don’t think they are mad. Because Barr dragged his feet and will not release anything until it’s too late to do anything about it. It may be too late right now.

Democrats do not like to charge democrats for corruption. Republicans don’t like to charge anybody.

What transcript?

The Obama Administration will have to testify in front of the Senate and American people for their Russian collusion lie.
Timing is everything when dealing with these traitors who pushed the lie.
There are a few investigations that will come to light like Clinton foundation, Uranium One, Epstein, Ukraine.

You’ll have to watch FOX or look at conservative websites. Your DNC news sources are not interested in covering this story.

Only if Trump wins. Barr ran out the clock. Took waaaay to long. If Biden wins, it’s game over. The FBI/ IRS will be unleashed against conservatives again.

This should clear thing up.

They already started.

Sure. Will this be another Hillary type show? Will they indict anyone? If they do will they be prosecuted if Biden wins? I have no confidence what so ever that any type of justice will happen. I’ve seen too much. They waited too long.

Maybe your conservative websites can let me know when someone is locked up for this supposed corruption. :rofl: :joy:

Let me know when someone is locked up for this supposed corruption. :rofl: :joy:

On that day, your name will be 20/20.

From which investigation?

Any day now!!

Welcome to the great Awakening thanks to those transcripts that exposed the Obama Administration as traitors for lying to the American people!