Russia sanctions Hunter Biden

…but not Trump!

It’s funny how in synch RW US media and Russian propaganda are.

Weak braggadocio of political morons continues unabated

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They know that Trump supports Putin and is anti NATO. Why sanction him?

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but not prevent high-level talks if they are planned


Why was Hillary sanctioned?


Because Putin knows his American fan base.


Actually we can probably thank our lucky stars Hillary never won. SHE would have pushed for a no fly zone.

Oooh that’s who is going to lock her up? Finally!

Back when I joined the GOP, it was in the backdrop of Bush 41 being elected. Reagan had just told Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!” The GOP recognized what a threat the USSR was.

Now, apparently, the GOP is all good and well with cozying up to Putin.

This definitely isn’t your grandfather’s GOP. Hell, it isn’t even your father’s GOP. It’s been quite a shocking transformation to watch, and as a result of the transformation, I can emphatically say it is no longer my GOP either.

We sanctioned oligarchs with ties to Putin. Tell us what ties does Biden have to Trump?


The Russia collusion never gets old at least for TDS sufferers. Remind us again who was the president of the U.S. when Russia took Crimea, and who was the leader of the U.S. when Russia launched a devastating war against Ukraine a few weeks ago.

If these events prove anything it’s attack while there weak ass ■■■■■■■■■■■■ in the oval office.


What ties does HRC have to Biden?

Really? You are not that stupid.

Yes. I’m really that stupid.

Thanks for asking!

Private dacha. A night of sweet, sweet love on the tiger map.


Oh my God…I can’t unsee that now…



That made me spew coffee through the nose.

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Please stop.

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pai mei no


Not a single Republican lol.