Rush Limbaugh passed away

RIP Rush. :cry:

When he went the last 2 weeks with guest hosts, I began to have a bad feeling that he was not doing well - still, it was a shock.
What he did for talk radio cannot be underestimated. A great and unique talent that, I am afraid, cannot be replaced. With all due respect to other talk hosts, I can think of a few people who could replace them if need be, but I can’t think of one person who could bring to talk radio what Rush did.


Rush is irreplaceable. Again no offense to other talk radio hosts.

This is sad news. RIP Rush.

I wish him peace, and comfort to his family.

Prayers for his family. Although I was expecting to hear this news at some point due to his diagnosis, it is still a shock to see it.

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Mercy…Sad to hear…One of a kind & the best!

I just lost my brother to lung cancer a few months ago. A terrible way to go. While I haven’t listened to Rush for years, I do credit him with introducing me to politics back in the 80’s when he was just getting started. He will be sorely missed.

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In the mid 90’s I was really not doing well…personally or professionally.

I know this will sound corny to some but…

Rush got on a roll back then talking and self reliance…standing on your own…it really sounded like he was talking to me. Something clicked…I really felt he without knowing it helped and motivated me.

I live radio…Rush was a pioneer…

He took talk radio heights never before seen…he probably saved AM radio at the time.

Rest In Peace


Wow… since 1988. Good by Rush. God loved you and so did we!!!

I remember having a bit of a drive to work each day and listening to something new on AM radio. I was a listener back in 1989!

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He will be sorely missed. God speed Rush.

I’ve listen to him off and on over the years. Never seek him out unless the radio was on. And that was mostly because I started listening to Hannity first and radio was already set on station.

Prayers for his family and loved ones.

I hope less and less people die from this avoidable cancer.

Wow, how very sad. I’m surprised he made it this long. Then again, his passing is still a shock.

May he rest in peace. He will be missed.

Condolences. Never agreed with the man, but he had an entertaining program.


He was one of the key figures who revived AM radio talk shows.

The man was a pioneer.

The parities were among my favorite things to hear.

How about you?

Spatula city!

My favorite, probably because they played that parody every day.

Me too. I was a pretty avid listener of both him and G. Gordon Liddy back in the day