RUDY ON FIRE: Giuliani Says OHR May Have Committed FELONY, Calls for DOJ Investigation

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani slammed anti-Trump DOJ official Bruce Ohr Thursday evening; calling for an investigation into whether he or his wife committed a federal crime by concealing payments from the DNC.

Giuliani blasted Ohr on social media just one day after he testified before Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill, saying “What are the odds the DOJ or Mueller have begun an investigation of Bruce Ohr for violating 18 USC sec. 208? That’s a federal felony unless he disclosed all facts to the DOJ and has a written waiver. How many of you know what that is?”

“Ohr’s wife was financially benefitted by Ohr, a DOJ official, advancing the Steele phony dossier. Her firm got some part of the $1.02 million paid by Hillary and DNC. A crime unless he has a written waiver from Obama’s politicized DOJ which is possible,” he added.

Ohr and his wife made national headlines earlier this year when it was revealed the couple had strong ties to ‘Trump Dossier’ author Christopher Steele and shady opposition firm Fusion GPS.