Rouhani: Trump has a "weakness of intellect"

Looks like Trump’s Twitter fingers will be quite busy tomorrow. After Trump’s comments about Iran today at the UN, the Iranian president said today that Trump suffers from a “weakness of intellect.” Something tells me “executive time” is going to be quite the show tomorrow. Better stock up on popcorn. :rofl::rofl:

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His invite to speak at Columbia is probably locked in now.

Can’t wait.

i think most sane people know that Trump isn’t very smart.

now, how do you deal with that? do you poke him with a stick (he’s the most powerful man on the planet)? do you ignore him? do you smile and work around him? do you match insult for insult? do you sit back like Putin and just smile?

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Putin and Kim both seem to be on to something. Putin has taken the approach you mentioned, while Kim has taken to appealing to his ego.

But, privately, as you mentioned - everyone knows the guy’s elevator doesn’t quite make it to the top floor.

Probably won’t be allowed to share the touch of a shiny orb with the President though.

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Laughing at his face seems to be the consensus by world leaders


Maybe rouhani can give him a copy of his favorite book.

Not everyone can be friends with genocidal maniacs.

Insert photo of Obama describing how much more flexible he will be after the election here.

That’s what happens when you don’t pay the contractors installing the elevator.


Or can they

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Apparently liberals have found a kindred sole in Rouhani.

You should report his genocide to someone.

He’ll be making the college speaking tour circuit soon. I wonder if he throws gays off of buildings like the last leader of iran??

Oooh tell me. Like who?

Nah he can just hang women for adultery

Do you remember how Saudi Arabia treated Trump?

They really knew what they were doing, except for the time that all of the important people put their hands on that glowing crazy ball.



All presidents deal with genocidal dictators in one way or another. Neither side is scoring points with pictures.

Rouhani is telling the truth, but it’s a truth that anyone can tell. The source doesn’t matter.

Trump is dumb. It’s indisputable.