Rosenstein Testimony

I know he’s outnumbered and getting picked on, but I watched the news clips and he seems like a weasel to me.

I doubt anything will change.

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What makes you think he is a weasel? his face?

Rod “The Weasel” Rosenstein.

His words and actions, body language etc.

No, more the way he talks. He doesn’t sound like he’s convinced himself.

His face doesn’t help, but it’s not the problem.

He answered all the questions he was asked and pwned a couple of senators including Gowdy, how is he a weasel.

Rosenstein applied a beat down to Jim Jordan. Poor Jimmie has had his ass kicked that bad since his last wrestling match.

Jim Jordan got pwned.

No he didn’t.

Why don’t we get everyone under oath and have them answer questions…see how they sound

Is that why that one woman kept interrupting Jordan?

BTW…IMO they are covering something up…that I’m 99.99 percent sure of.

In fact he did. I loved it when the chamber erupted in laughter after Jimmie suggested that phone calls be subpoenaed. That’s the level of low intellect you find protected the Cheeto Jesus and working against the American people.

Dude, it feels like you’re still in kindergarten. I don’t like him, he smells funny!

He’s been under oath his whole professional life. You think he’s scared?

I am not responsible for your feelings.

Ok, if you say so.

Eww! I don’t like him, he looks weird!

Why didn’t Jimmie Boy offer to bring in his “staffers” and have them placed under oath? Let’s see which of the lying little staffers is willing to do hard time to protect the Cheeto Messiah.

When you got a room full of “lawmakers” looking to take you out, yeah prob

You said staffers…more then one had said it.

So who are you going to believe…3 or 4 young staff members who were intimidated or The Weasel?