Romney violated Senate Rules!

… by drinking milk out of a glass bottle. :roll_eyes:

Seriously? Article says he would have been within rules if he drank it out of a GLASS, but not out of a bottle.

This is our fine Senate in action!! :roll_eyes:

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Must recuse himself now

Being Mormon, milk is probably about as strong a drink as Romney has ever taken.

If I had to sit through that, I think I would arrange for some 100 proof water. I could probably pass Gin or Vodka off as water. :smile:


Pierre Delecto flaunting the rules and taking up as little space as possible on the “edge.”

Seriously though he ruined perfectly good milk by adding chocolate.


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A good reason for Fox News to rip him a new one, just like they did on Bolton this week.

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To me,it’s absurd that rules allow drinking from a glass but not from a bottle.

If that is the most absurd rule that the senate has, we’re in better shape than I thought.

What a tragedy…

Well, I’ll leave it to you to determine if it’s the MOST absurd.

Even more absurd than the rule (to me) is the fact that it got media coverage. MSN seemed to think it was newsworthy enough to place it in a featured spot on their main news page.

Just say no to


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Interesting thing. Back before Christmas I happened to see Ovaltine on the shelf at the supermarket. On sale, no less.

I got it so my grandsons (who love the movie “A Christmas Story”) could try it and know what that’s all about.

I had never had it before myself.

Turns out, it’s just chocolate milk powder that you mix into milk. No big deal. But we had fun sharing it.

Next up to let them try: Spam.

Spam is awesome. Slice it, fry it and serve with eggs and toast.