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Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein defended the DOJ’s indictment of foreign nationals who will never see the inside of an American court Friday, saying the charges were necessary to “expose schemes” against the United States.

Rosenstein came under fire in recent days after he indicted 12 more Russian agents just hours before President Trump was set to meet Vladimir Putin in Helsinki; prompting many to question the logic of charging individuals who will likely never face the US justice system.

“Exposing schemes to the public is an important way to neutralize them,” he said. “The American people have a right to know if foreign governments are targeting them with propaganda.”

“People who thought they were safely under the protection of foreign governments when they committed crimes against America sometimes later find themselves in federal prisons,” he added.

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They were charged because they engaged in criminal acts against the United States. I know in some parts of Conservatopia that is now cause for celebration instead of disdain, but it’s still illegal.

No votes were changed and Trump WON the election fair & square so don’t get your hopes up of impeachotopia!