ROASTED: CNN’s Acosta TORCHED for Accidentally Making Trump’s Point About Border Wall | Sean Hannity

CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta was torched on social media Thursday; taking major heat after a critique of President Trump’s border wall proposal back-fired big-time.

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I want to personally thank Jim Acosta for proving that Walls work as a deterrent from crossing our borders. It may be the only honest reporting he has ever done!

Ya well no one has ever accused Little Jim of being smart. But thanks Acosta, the wall needs to go up.

Jim Acosta is a disgrace and a big baby. He is trying to be like Sam Donaldson who was Ronald Reagans biggest pain in the White House press corp. But Sam Donaldson did not whine like Acosta. Acosta needs a quiet room with crayons,colored pencils and a CRYING TOWEL. Actually everybody at DNCNN needs the same thing. They were indoctrinated by there Professors and they carried it to there Profession. MAGA !

I was actually wondering what had happened to him since the press pass incident, then suddenly this week, there he is again. I was really hoping he had been transferred to CNNs bureau in Mongolia.

You can lead a Jim to Border, but you can’t make him think…

Hello stupid! Thanks for making our point. Feel free to slip on over and go vote in Mexico’s elections and receive their welfare benefits. I’m sure they would love to have you.

Jim is entertaining isn’t he? Great comedian, he not only showed that walls work as he clearly demonstrated, but CNN is paying him to do so. Love it, socialism with his flavor of journalism, only proves both forms are oil and water, they don’t mix. Floating socialism on top of real journalism only shows how propaganda in the media being sold as “news” is a joke.

Why don’t he go where they are crossing the border. I’m sure the border patrol could tell him where. He thought he could prove a point about how the wall was unnecessary but he did the exact opposite. Thanks.

Actually it should be the DSNCNN, Democratic Socialist National Communist News Network. It dove tails perfectly with Vladimir Lenin’s quote “The goal of socialism is communism”.

Great idea, just take his passport and State ID and let him try to get back in if he crosses the border without his ID, he will be an illegal alien in Mexico and the Federales isn Mexico will arrest him as an undocumented allien. Good luck Jim, they put undocumented aliens in jail, unlike the US.