RISE OF THE MACHINES: Bill de Blasio Calls for Nationwide ‘ROBOT TAX’ on Large US Corporations

Originally published at: RISE OF THE MACHINES: Bill de Blasio Calls for Nationwide ‘ROBOT TAX’ on Large US Corporations | Sean Hannity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called for a nationwide “robot tax” this week; saying the measure would penalize large corporations that automate production and eliminate American jobs.

“The scale of automation in our economy is increasing far faster than most people realize, and its impact on working people in America and across the world, unless corralled, will be devastating,” writes De Blasio.

“But automation and human employment should not be viewed as mutually exclusive. America has welcomed technological advancement throughout our history, and we still should, as long as the benefits of these advancements are shared evenly instead of solely going to big corporations,” adds the mayor. “As mayor of New York, and as a candidate for President focused on the needs of working people, I’ve seen at home and across the country that workers can benefit from these technological changes, but we can’t let American jobs be replaced by them. That’s why I’m proposing a new plan today to protect American workers and ensure that we all share in the gains from technological advancement.”

“It’s official. The Democrats want to tax everything,” said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform. “De Blasio had to find a way to stand out after the rest of the Democrat field had already laid claim to raising taxes on income, payroll, carbon dioxide, capital gains, small businesses, corporations, your 401k, lifetime savings, and death.”

De Blasio’s plan calls for the creation of the Federal Automation and Worker Protection Agency (FAWPA) to oversee production.

Read De Blasio’s full plan here.