RIP Ginger Baker

Wasn’t into him, but he cultivated a legendary status.

The Album Baker did with Fela Kuti is one of my favorites.

By all accounts they were both terrible people… but greatly talented.

Another one gone to join the super group in the sky. RIP Ginger

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One of the best drummers to ever live, but also one of the biggest ■■■■■■■■ to ever live, if the stories are true.

Nevertheless, RIP.

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Look up the movie “Beware of Mr. Baker.” It’ll tell you everything you need to know about him. Amazing film. He’s everything you’ve heard. It’s on YouTube for free.

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How he survived his youth to live to 80 is a mystery.

I LOVED Cream. Too bad they were so short lived (mostly due to Baker’s overt hatred of Bruce.)

That’s Cream, Mr. Spelling Guru.

In a white room . . .


It’s also 60 years ago.