(RINO'S) Republicans for the Rule of Law

These idiots are so full of themselves they call themselves lifelong republicans but want the democrats & socialists to win… A bunch of never Trumper’s, RINO’S, & once well thought of people who are no longer in the limelight & can’t stand it. They love to get praise from the leftist media & no longer really stand for anything.

The left will USE them, & later discard them. The definition of useful idiots. Bill Kristol, Mona Charen, Linda Chavez, Sarah Longwell, and Andy Zwick founded the clown car group. They was for the impeachment, & now for Joe Biden, running ads probably funded by Soros or some leftist group against Trump. What a smarmy bunch, never thought they would end up as they have, so short sighted, so hateful, & they just seem like they just want attention.


They ARE NOT for rule of law, supporting the impeachment & all the crimes associated with it. Republicans for rule of law! Pfffffffffffffffffffffft!

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I love it.

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Yeah, his little tantrum raised like five million dollars for the Lincoln Project and out their names on everyone’s lips in politics.

You wanna hear the best part? They only spent five thousand dollars to place that “Mourning In America” ad. Because they only had it run once, in the local DC market during Tucker Carlson, so Trump would see it and tweet about it and amplify it to the whole country.

Now they’re rolling in dough, put out an ad about Brad Parscale that was totally coincidentally followed by Parscale being replaced in all but title a week later and now they’re targeting Cory Gardner and McConnell too. All with the bread Donald Trump essentially handed them.


Yeah unlike Trump lol.


That’s absolutely fantastic because it outs a RINO and that is much more important than any pennies they’ve raised? Once they’re fully outed, it’s…say bye Felicia. :sunglasses:

All of them left voluntarily years ago. The problem is, they’re all bringing thirty to forty years experience of winning Republican campaigns to attacking them and they know all the little tricks and the inside baseball.

Rick Wilson, for example, has been the dude you bring in to make the world’s most vicious attack ads when you’re desperate for thirty years. Now he’s playing against the Republicans.

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Exactly…and that’s how long I’ve waited for them to be exposed. Trump is fast tracking it and it’s positively wonderful. Maybe…there really is “hope and change” that lies ahead? :sunglasses:

Te left will allow em to come to there country club if they kiss their royal asses.

They left because of Trump. In fact, tell me more about Trump represents conservative principles of limited government, not interfering in private business and so forth. I’ll wait.


Nahhhhhh…I’m still waiting for the Russian collusion thingy to be exposed that you touted for years. :sunglasses:

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No, it’s because you can’t answer. Just a couple weeks you ago you admitted that Trump was corrupt as the rest of “the swamp.”

You can’t because you know there’s no argument you can make.

The Republican party is not the same party as it was 30 and 40 years ago. If Reagan was alive today, he would be considered a RINO.


Neither is the Democrat Party.

Reagan was a CINO.

You read it wrong.

Maybe there is some hope left for the GOP after all. They’re going to have their work cut out for them though after Trump gets through decimating the soul of the GOP. It may be too late for them to ever get back to the party they once were at this point. May be better to let them go the way of the Whigs, with a new party (hopefully one that is actually conservative) rising out of the ashes.

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It truly is the best. Isn’t it. Whether Trump wins or loses…it’s the best watching the battle for the heart of the Republican Party. The once strong conservatives, battling for the TRUMPCON wing of the party. This is what Trump hath wrought.


I just saw that ad on TV and all I can say is what shameless RINO rot! These people have no shame whatsoever because where were these supposed Republican “rule of law” warriors when Obama was breaking every law in the book?


I assume Mr. Trump doesn’t see it that way hence his tweets. He must see them as a threat to him