RIMPAC 2018 - China out, Vietnam, Brazil, Israel and Sri Lanka in


China has been kicked out of RIMPAC 2018 in retaliation for their continuing island building activities in the South China Sea.

Vietnam, Brazil, Israel and Sri Lanka are all taking part for the first time.

RIMPAC 2018 runs June 27 to August 2.

Do you think we will see any sort of retaliation from China for being removed here?

I don’t think so. China has been pushing back against our freedom of navigation patrols in the South China Sea by dispatching their own warships to shadow ours. But I don’t think they will do anything over this.

I tend to agree. My fear of course being that as they get more and more aggressive in the South China Sea, that tensions could rise to a boiling point of potential war.

Time for American business have incentives to move out of China to Vietnam and other surrounding south east Asia nations.

Interesting. Where will Ivanka have her products made?

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