Riley June Williams and the case of the Missing Laptop

She probably would have got a better deal from China…Went straight to Russia instead.

I find this an interesting detail to the story.

There’s no broad brushing.

This is precisely what is going on.

And she’s not the only one.

The Trump supporter that went to Pelosi’s office and stole her mail ring a bell?

The guys in the Senate chambers rifling through notes and papers looking for useful information ring a bell?

Oh and btw, within days of the riot, a popular meme started circulating on the right wing blogosphere that simply stated “Nancy…we have your laptop”.

But yes…it was the Left that did this.



I am more interested in Riley June right now.

Where do you think the laptop is?

She did not turn it over yet.

I did not suggest that and I ask again that you not broad brush.

It is boring and distracting.

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Don’t look now but…your naivity is showing. :sunglasses:

See that is what is the funniest. You don’t even know that she IS the perfect demographic of a trump supporter. There are so many college age students out there who are rabid trump supporters. It makes perfect sense to me.

She’s 22.

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They planned this on social media huh? So a tacit admission that Trump didn’t INCITE people :thinking:. Almost sounds like they were using Trump’s rally as an excuse to carry out what they already "planned "to do. Of course, don’t let you’re own admission of fact dissuade you from pushing the Lying Lib narrative. Why ruin a perfect track record of intellectual dishonesty?


Yeah, yeah…I knooooooooooooow rite?

Expectations for women and older voters didn’t pan out, expert says – but young people strongly preferred Biden


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The idea of getting all the details and taking a closer look at this should be a universal concept.

The misadventure of this laptop and Riley June is fascinating to me.

It sure took a long time to get her charged.

A very poorly written article with some interesting accusations (whining) from police.

It seems they knew the day before.

They didn’t get instructions on the helmets and they’re heavy.


Interesting article.

“And before the fight was over, officers were forced to shout that they were police to law enforcement responding to rescue the building after it was lost. They weren’t put in a position to arrest the attackers, to defend themselves, or defend the Capitol. They weren’t put in a position to succeed.”

They were not put in a position to do anything.




Of course you are interested in Riley June right now.

Fits The New Narrative Building.

Someone doesn’t understand probability. :rofl:

I know six or seven 22 to 25 year olds that are avid Trump supporters. So yeah…her being 22 and a trump supporter makes sense to me…but it doesn’t to those who feel that young college students have been brainwashed to be liberal democratic socialists. It just isn’t true.

And…straight to conspiracy.


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They can’t fathom that there are young people out there who are avid Trump supporters. It breaks the narrative of college aged kids being brainwashed liberals.


Yes it is. 6 or 7 are exceptions.

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Not liberals.