Riley June Williams and the case of the Missing Laptop

The FBI has identified the suspect that purloined the laptop from Speaker Pelosi’s office.

She was arrested and it appears has NOT turned over the laptop.

So I am expecting to see a long litany of posts and social media evidence showing that she is a young brainwashed Don (Quixote) Trump radical.

Instead I see scant mention of her politics. The only hint is that her mother said from the above article…

The FBI said it spoke with Williams’ mother Saturday. It alleged that she said “she recognized her daughter inside the U.S. Capitol Building” and that her daughter had taken a sudden interest in President Donald Trump’s politics and “far-right message boards.”

An affidavit released by authorities includes a link to a documentary about the Capitol riot that was recorded and produced by the British broadcaster ITV News, in which a woman identified as Williams can be seen yelling “upstairs, upstairs, upstairs” and pushing people in the direction of Pelosi’s office.

The woman, the reporter can be heard saying, was “disciplined, focused, with a sense of urgency, directing people up a staircase.”

I hope we get more details. She sounds more like an anarchist than a partisan…especially with the selling laptop to Russia angle.

Another curiosity is that she traveled to DC with her father…separated for the day…then returned to him at the end of the day.

This story sounds off and contrived.

How “suddenly” did she take an interest in Trump? Her demographic did not vote so much for him.

No making any speculation beyond there are a lot of loose ends here.

Pennsylvania woman Riley June Williams, 22

:crazy_face: ^^^^^^^^^^^ perfect demographics of a Trump supporter ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ :roll_eyes:

More evidence that this was a set up. Now…who would be behind this…I wonder? :thinking:

LOTS of questions.

If it was a set-up, it shows that Trump supporters are stupid enough to have fallen for it.

I am totally loving this “We were tricked into breaking the law!” angle you guys want to keep pursuing.

Please don’t stop!


So a 22 year old want to go to prison for 20 years just to set up trumpers ? All while not wearing masks , showing her face to the world? Come on now. You trumpers think too highly of yourselves. You guys are a mess on your own.


Dude…you are slow to catch on. No one was “tricked into breaking the law”. Anyone who did, is responsible for their actions. The point is, this isn’t a Trump supporter and yet…your sheople trough fed you that that’s all that was there and you continue to regurgibleet what you’ve been fed. Wake up.

It looks like an anarchist and opportunist to me.

Not so much set up as pot stirring.

It was pretty stupid. Especially the selling it to Russia part.

So where is the long trail of Don Quixote tears?

Her mommy said she was a recent convert.

It doesn’t look at all like a Trump voter…let alone supporter.

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You have no idea whether this person is a Trump supporter or not.

What we do know is the people that did this are mostly Trump supporters…they planned it on social media…they have been tracked as coming from Trump’s rally to the Capitol…well know right wing names live streamed it and have been captured on footage from the Capitol.

You can search high and low all you want for “agents from the other side”…but this was Trump supporters that did this.

Because they’ve been duped all right- been duped into believing their man had the election stoeln from him.

Own it- stop looking for outs, members of the Party of Personal Responsibility.



This is actually why I made the thread.

The trend is that more of the leading element were not at all Trump supporters. This does not excuse the Don Quixote trail of election tears. It does expose the rush to judgement and the need to be careful with accusations.

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That’s right. I don’t. So I think outside the box and apply the laws of probability. What I don’t do, is act until I know but I also don’t place my head up my butt and pretend this means nothing…and just regurgibleat what I’m fed by the MSM like so many of my fellow Americans are doing.

This also applies to Trump and election fraud accusations…two wrongs.

No the trend is not, in fact, that at all.

The trend is as usual, instead of owning it, the Party of Personal Responsibility is seeking to blame it on other people.

The first try was to attempt to implicate BLM with a guy they didn’t allow into their protests and suspected of being an infiltrator months before the Capitol raid took place (documented months ago as well, so it isn’t an attempt at rewriting anything).

Now this.

Any “trends” are as usual the typical “what can we make up now because we know this makes us look bad” BS.


You are all in favor of rushing to judgement and false accusations.


You have any information on the case at hand involving our sweet Riley June?

Since she is a resident of Harrisburg, I wonder if she is connected to any PA state officials.

Another day, another conspiracy theory.

This is my shocked face …


Who told you that?

Well…the laptop IS still missing. You have a point there.

Thousands of known Trump supporters storm and raid the Capitol.

But don’t look at them!

Look over here at this 22 year old girl about which we know nothing, but are happy to make up stuff!

And then when it turns out to be false…still don’t look at the thousands of Trump supporters that stormed the Capitol!

Look over here at this next person we’ll try to implicate!

Are you aware when you’re doing this, or is it a subconscious thing?

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Only one person went with purpose to the office of Pelosi and purloined a laptop.

I find this one interesting.

Good thing it was only a conference room presentation machine.

I am going to ask that you keep the wild broad brush out of the rest of your posts to this thread.

russia, russia, russia

something trump hate made his detractors stupid enough to believe

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