Right Wing Group Disrupted the Iowa Caucus

Nope. DHS was monitoring and report that zero breaches occurred.

The denial of service was not Russia but republicans. Which is interesting.

That I would defend the Republicans and blame the BLM? Have you read any of my posts in the last several years?

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You’re right, that doesn’t happen.

If it’s a physical attack, that’s different but the kind that we’re discussing, was predictable…period.

Have you ever ran a cyber risk management program? I think I know the answer based on your response.

So you were opposed to 9/11, but if an Islamist Group carried out a cyberattack against the US would have no problem with it… after all its not a physical attack. Got it.

You mean there wasn’t a single server hidden in the Ukraine? But. But. But.


The Republican party is dead. The party of Lincoln, Goldwater, and Reagan has gone the way of the dodo. The party I grew up in, and spent so much of my life supporting, rolled over and died. First it was the weaponization of Christianity, then it was the neocon war-hawks, and the death knell was Trumpism.


Sounds like the President.


So cool. So very, very cool.


Yep. DED dead. Mercy killing.

What are you going to do now?

Isnt this the truth :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Democrats are the answer?

That’s so cute…democrats are blaming Trump goons for their Iowa failures. That’s so sweet.


Spelling police. Thanks!

Point still stands.

They attacked the system. But they were not the cause of the other issues they had with the app and the training surrounding its use.

Yes it should have.

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Except the Iowa delegates reported no problems with receiving vote tallies earlier.