RICE’S RAGE: Susan Rice Says Trump Threatens American Security More than ‘ANY FOREIGN ADVERSARY’ | Sean Hannity

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice slammed President Trump in a fiery op-ed piece published by the New York Times this week; saying the Commander-in-Chief does more to “undermine” American security than any “foreign adversary.”

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Who cares what a political hack and a pathological liar think? You served with Obama and Clinton, nuf’ said.

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The last Administration has made America more insecure!!! Everyone of them are so corrupt and things are coming out they don’t want said. They should all be in jail!!!

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This is the first administration in the history of our country to keep it’s main players together and to continue to act as if they are still in office. We basically have two governments in America. The one run by Obama and Hillary and the one run by our POTUS.

It is blatantly clear what is going on and why those already caught red handed in trying to take Trump out, are still allowed to continue their Coup is beyond me.

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Let us see, Obama your boss bowed to the thugs of the world, gave Iran 150 billion dollars in cash in the middle of the night, Question who has charge over that sum of money being shipped out of the country? I know it was Iran’s money but we wanted to waite till there was a more favorable government. Also gave billions to get back a deserter and released the 5 worst terrorists in the world. Also he criminalized the DOJ and FBI so many doing criminal acts against a candidate and then a President and believe me they would not have done it if not asked and asked by a big person. They were putting their career and their many years service to this country in jeopardy. Rice you were used and you could have said no. so I believe it is the same person that asked you to lie criminalized the agencies. Obama put our country in jeopardy daily because he was clueless, he had his socialist views get in his way.

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Why isn’t Dan Coats leading the effort to clean up the corruption? Why is he totally MIA?

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Susan Rice is a liar and traitor. Fits well with Hillary and Obama.

Susan Rice should have been in a Federal prison long ago. She would never had a job in any administration. Obama took a look, saw the depth of her wickedness, and said, "This is my girl, she’s as lowdown a crook, liar, thief, unmasker, and dumb. Just right for grunt work. She can face the TV cameras after certain “matters” like Benghazi, etc. She will cover us, and she is dispensible.

This POS is starting to get nervous now as she should. This liar, political hack is going to look fine in an orange jump suit,

Susan RIce shoiuld be indicted for her actions and sent to jail. Such a hypocrite. Can’t stand these Obama
Dems who use projection to criticize Trump. She and the rest did exactly what she is accusing Trump of doing. But of course, they are “above the law”. Can’t wait for the new AG to convene a grand jury to investigate Rice et als.

So now ALL Dims are warhawks?

Susan Rice is a corrupt slimy hypocrite. She lied about Benghazi to protect the ■■■■■■■
marxist Obama.

This b---- deserves to be locked up!

Susan Rice was part of the most corrupt and cowardly administration since Jimmie Carter. She has nothing to say, not to mention the fact that she is a criminal not yet convicted.

Need to put a zipper on Susan Rice’s mouth.

Susan Rice who? That dirt bag should be in jail already, not mouthing off about a subject she knows nothing about (her past performance). Obozo was a quantum threat to the world, and she was his bootlick.

Rice has the same IQ as a dead garden slug.

Are we supposed to care what this LYING POS has to say? She couldn’t even keep the DOJ running smoothly with the liar & leaker James Comey pulling her puppet strings???

Sean your forum is out of date… LOLOLOL but it has been such a honor that you let me participate…

So how about my 401K…

I think Susan Rice was OK…

So Sean why do you always attack people? Why do you always put down anyone that does not agree with you?
I am a Trump supporter, but I voted for Obama. Is that OK? Am I an idiot because I supported Obama?
I think HRC was a terrible Secretary of State and would never support her, but I am not going to spend my life attacking HRC supporters…

Why do you just complain about everything? Do you see that you are a Snowflake?

I am all alone on Xmas and looking at my 401K and Wow.

I am being kind my friend. I supported Obama and then Trump does that make me a bad person.

Thank you again for an internet forum… LOLOLOL

Thank you, Sarah Jeong, but you can’t sell Susan Rice as a credible opinion writer. No way. You have to feel bad for NYT readers. Let’s see if Michelle Malkin gets equal time for a corrective opinion next Sunday.

Susan who? She became a nobody the day she was born. So no one other than the Liberal Sychophants care what she said about our President.