Return to 1970's fashion

On the lighter side. I grew up in the 70’s so you could imagine my surprise that when visiting college campuses this year I saw high top jeans with holes in the knees all over the place. And the return running shorts on men. You know “Dad shorts”… Will they start wearing new balance Shoes also?


There’s some 80s mixed in too. A bunch of young white dudes are rocking mullets again.

I’m depressed that my hair line is atrocious and I’m balding. I would rock a Jheri Curl so fast if I had the hair for it.


Yes… the return of the mullet. Noooooooooo!

They have. New Balances have been extremely popular within the last two years now.

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I went through it once. That was enough. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


Well, I don’t think running shorts ever went away. You mean short running shorts, right ?

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Just that soul flow! Let it shine

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A couple months ago I bought 5 new pairs of what I call “John Stockton” shorts for going to the gym. They are so much more comfortable than the “Fab Five” shorts that have been the default gym shorts for the last 30 years!

Probably referring to the ones with 7" and below inseam, above the knees even when standing. Pre-1992 basketball shorts.

Lol ya, John Stockton and his famous nutters.

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And to illustrate how far to the other side of fashion we were in early 2000s, this is Milwaukee Bucks player TJ Ford on media day 2003:

Awful, just awful. Guaranteed to give you a case of swamp ass after every workout.

I remember being in grade school at that time and those are the kind of shorts I wore as a religion.

Actually every pair of shorts I owned, everything from no name wal mart brand to Dickies, were about that length.

So for me it’s weird seeing all these cats wearing what I would consider Daisy Duke shorts. But more power to them lol.

I have leveled out in recent years. My shorts now are all right at my knee level. But I can’t wear them any shorter than that lol. Grew up in the wrong time I guess lol.

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Fashion is similar to politics. Pendulum is constantly swinging from one end to the other.

Some of these items are just nice, like Farrah Fawcett’s feminine top (seems I’ve seen quite a few such tops at discount stores), and Bianca Jagger’s sense of style, like the hats that can be good sun protection.

Others, like flare jeans and camouflage, just. No. :dizzy_face:

The more I look at this item, the gaucho pants that were fashionable around the late 1970s, I’m neutral. My dad, however, thought it looked like the wearers had pooped their pants. :nauseated_face:

JNCO’s were the pinnacle of fashion before the skinny jeans disease infected everyone. I did the most badass windmill kicks back then. lol

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The return of hideous 70s fashions…noooo!

What’s next…wood panel walls in houses again and avocado green bathroom fixtures?


I myself sport an anti-mullet, although my wife claims it’s called balding.


Oh God, anything but that. Include the sick harvest gold colored appliances. The avocado green appliances also.

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