Republicans launch propaganda sites designed to look like local news outlets

So this is terrifying if it goes unchecked. 100% Orwellian merging of news and politics. The GOP is now doing Russia’s job for them.

They’ve done this before, haven’t they?

So R’s are creating their own fake news sites. Not surprising in the least.


That explains all the Fake News projections.


How is this legal?!

You really ought to change that headline to say fake news sites, since that’s what they really are.

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Both sides do it.

Thanks for bring the Dem one to my attention. Equally terrible.

Agreed, but the story mentions more R’s sites than Dems.

Both sides do it. It is likely to become the new norm. It is immaterial as to which side exploits it more.

They learned this from the Russians and the last election. :sunglasses:

If one side does it much more than the other, it’s quite relevant.

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That’s not happening. Fake news being promoted to feed sheeple food to the hive mind conspiracy theorists incapable of thinking for themselves. It’s baaaaa baaaaa baaaaad to spread fallacies.

Help me understand how setting up websites full of lies designed to look like real news combats social media blocking conservatives.

Please forgive me. I responded too quickly and totally modified…:grin:

Sure, let’s go with that.

I misspoke.

Didn’t some liberal do that to influence the election in Alabama? And liberals cheered that if I recall correctly.

Next they will counter each other’s fake news sites with their own fake fact check sites.

Could be a good opportunity for the entrepreneurial types who like to dabble in making ■■■■ up.

Really? Salon and Snopes? Do you have any unbiased sources?