Republicans flip Louisiana Governor seat

Not a race I particularly followed, so not sure how relevant this is.


No runoff needed? Nicely done. Hope they recover quickly.

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the incumbent dem would have won but he was term limited.


The real test.

Can Republicans flip the governorship in North Carolina in 2024.

Republicans flip Louisiana Governor seat

I wonder why? :thinking:

Despite its rich history and culture, Louisiana has always had a darker underbelly, and the recent rise in overall crime rates might be attributed to migratory, social, or economic factors.

Property crime in the state is significant, with 123,575 incidents reported per 100,000, equating to a 1 in 37 chance of experiencing property loss.

Year-on-year, violent crimes in Louisiana have seen an upswing, with an alarming rate of 31,500 incidents per 100,000.

Regrettably, this historical crossroads of pirates and traders also has the highest murder rate in the country.

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Republicans hold an overwhelming majority in both the state senate and house.

I would also note, the incoming Governor Jeff Landry, has been Attorney General since 2016, so he would clearly bear at least equal responsibility to the Governor for the crime rate.


probably. Cooper is term limited too. And good riddance to him

Wouldn’t the real test be Calif?


The big problem is that Mark Robinson has said a lot of stupid things in the past.

When the general election season starts and the attack ads air, all that dirt is going to be flung back in his face.

Particularly the holocaust denial.


Just as Louisiana would have been hardly.

Louisiana is a deep red State.

Republicans should never have lost it in the first place.

They just regained something they should never have lost.

North Carolina is a purplish State, just leaning to the red side.

Elections are actually competitive there, so winning there is actually an accomplishment.

So in my opinion, NC more of a minor-league test. (Louisiana was little league.)

Calif would be a REAL test! Absolute major-league test! (And one that the GOP simply is not capable of flipping now.) Not sure how you could respond “hardly” to the suggestion that it would be a real test. :man_shrugging:

I disagree. Many states while might mostly be Red, the population centers are mostly Dem and control many of the statewide elections. It will be the same in NC. The difference is large pop cities are not suffering a large crime problem in NC such as LA. I think the GOP won LA because a good part of urban areas stayed home. I don’t think that will happen in NC.

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When a lib professor is upset about the election…I know I’m happy with the results.

Robert Mann says Trump-backed Jeff Landry urged LSU to fire him and attacks university leadership for ‘cowardice and appeasement’

…and so he quits. Uh, huh…that makes perfect sense if…you’re a libidiot?

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and Minnesota is the perfect example. How much land is red vs blue. It makes ya wonder if “we” shouldn’t go back to our founding father’s idea of only land owners can vote?

why stop at voting

lets roll back all laws back to 1787.

it worked well them then.

what a ridiculous idea.