Republicans Cannot be trusted!

Pelosi’s gamble.
The Pundits have not gone here.
Imagine though that Pelosi wants to paint the Republican Party with the same brush they do Trump.
They are all corrupt, WE have to defeat them because they are all undermining our Constitution.
WE cannot hold Trump Accountable until we control both houses.
Underpinning her argument is that many people think Trump did something wrong.

Republicans Threaten our Democracy.


So what?

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Trump has done many things wrong, from spending millions of dollars of our money on his golf holidays to betraying our Kurdish allies.

He has made a few positive steps (unlike right-wing radio and their constant excoriation of Obama no matter what he did, I’m willing to admit that Trump has done a few good things) - but they pale in comparison to the messes he’s made.


The President is a criminal (even though they decided not to list any crimes in the impeachment), McConnell is the rogue leader of the Senate. That leaves only Nancy as the true legitimate leader of the country.

  1. I listed a couple of his crimes. Anyone who reads the news without blinders on knows what he’s done.

  2. He’s blocking hundreds of bills from even being discussed. He should be removed from office.

  3. Interesting that you don’t even think about Pence! :grinning:

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Nobody thinks about Pence. He’s slightly less compelling than a glass of warm milk.

Which probably works to his advantage.


True. :grinning:

name just 5 out of the hundred he is blocking and of those 5 tell us why

Don’t remember you calling for old Harry to be removed. Since he started the toss the bills in the trash and you cheered him on, Now no one cares that you want to cry not fair not fair now.

Both parties do enough of that. Right?

You said:

Neither is a crime.

Try again.

If you can’t trust Republican or Demoracts why not abolish Congress.

Because that would be the only thing worse than keeping it.

Nancy is the bomb. She’s the feces and doesn’t all of America want to smell just like San Francisco…but…with the civility of Chicago? Hell yeah! Say it with me…HELL YEAH!!! …amirite? :sunglasses:

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The biggest threat to our Democracy are the sick Democrats that funded Obama’s spygate and Pelosi needs to testify because of it!


Because then the Mega Corporations would run everything. Oh wait. They kind of already do. Never mind. I got nothing.

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It is becoming more clear that Pelosi is holding impeachment to use as propaganda.

She is the criminal and enemy of America.

Blumenthal is lying about 5 to 10 Senators having doubts…as if they will get any yes votes.


Lol…ok…pelosi is the criminal…ok buddy.

Even if its 5 to 10 senators trump still isnt impeached…it just looks bad for trump optically.

If four senators were to defect he’d be removed from office providing the dem’s voted straight down party lines.

There has to be a 2/3rds majority to remove.