Republican Sen. Cramer suffers 'serious' hand injury, may need amputation

Evidently a finger may need to be amputated. It doesn’t say exactly what he was doing that caused the injury, other than yard work.

Hopefully this won’t cause him to much loss of function in his right hand.

But a reminder to be careful with potentially dangerous lawn and garden implements.

Sounds like a lawnmower accident. Wishing him all the best for a speedy recovery.

That’s pretty awful.

No means no!

Also, no Matrix bullet dodging moves allowed.


I’m guessing fireworks.

I think more likely a yard implement of some sort cut him to the bone. A particularly dirty yard implement to be specific. The risk of infection to the bone becomes very high like that and is very difficult to treat due to the lack of blood vessels in bone, preventing antibiotics from being circulated.

I’d rather not say how I learned that. :rofl:

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