Republican Poll Shows Abortion is Driving Voters Towards the Democrats

IMO, yes. It’s also the edge of viability, so yes.

I’ve never said a fetus isn’t alive. Not sure where you are getting that.

93% of abortions happen in the 1st trimester. Only 1% happen after week 21 and virtually all of those involve extraordinary circumstances.

Because if it didn’t then it is just a “Once upon a time “ story.

Granted no Stephen King

But fiction all the same.

I’m with you on that.

Of course, the cultural morals that make this a common situation speak to our social decline. And one moral decline begets another. That’s just a commentary on our overall social degeneracy, and doesn’t diminish the point you made.


21 week old baby.



Oh no, killing 21 week old babies is no big deal, right?


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Who said that?

1% of abortions happen at or beyond 21 weeks and virtually all of them have extraordinary circumstances.

And I posted piocs of a 21 week old baby.

So by your own figures 99% of infanticide occurs at the pictured baby or before.

As I said.


Once again, you prove you either have reading comprehension problems, or you are intentionally untruthful.

that’s 12 weeks.

12 week old

You were saying?

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I held my 10-week-gestated son in my hands after my wife miscarried. Fingernails. Wrinkles on his palms. His face looked like his older brother’s.

Fully human.


Sometimes life isn’t fair.

Is it fair that as men we are dozens of times more likely to be the victims of violence or mudered?

Is it fair that throughout history governments sent our gender to the killing fields of warfare?

Life sucks for both genders in different ways.

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How far does that go? Maybe Tyrone gunning you down on the street corner improves his well being in some kind of way. Should he be free to do that to you?


They sure aren’t. They need a ton of care and attention.

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Sorry to here that

Ouch man. That’s awful. I’m sorry.

God’s peace and love to you and your wife.



Stuff like this will send women to the polls

Because according to lefties all women want to murder their child.

10 weeks

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