Republican outspent 14-1 appears to be elected to Wisconsin supreme court

If it holds, republican’s will hold a 5-2 majority on the Wisconsin supreme court – in what appears to have been a major blow to the Dem’s of the state.

In Tuesday’s Wisconsin supreme-court election, conservatives appear to have scored a shocking upset victory.

On the spending?

The attacks and disparity in ad spending left many Republicans in Wisconsin demoralized. “Until this week, Democratic-leaning groups backing Neubauer had dominated outside spending by as much as 14-to-1,” the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign reported on March 29. Hagedorn’s campaign didn’t have the resources to conduct its own internal polling.

Think it looks bad after outspending 14-1?

They dominated the special elections last year, ousted incumbent governor Scott Walker in November by one percentage point, and reelected Senator Tammy Baldwin by eleven points. Tuesday’s results show that the conservative base is re-energized, and that the state remains a 2020 battleground.

Brings up the possability that Wisconsin will be in play during the next election.

So what are the odds of a recount going in favor of the D?

Well first they have to come up with the money to do so (unless the difference is 1/4 of a percentage point, and currently it’s almost a full percentage), and over come the odds:

Wisconsin recounted its presidential vote in 2016 at Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s expense. In that recount of nearly 3 million ballots, only 131 votes were changed — in favor of Trump. Neubauer, in a recount of just 1.2 million ballots, would have to pick up 45 times as many votes.

Wonder if the liberal machine is already trying to figure out how to find more ballots in the recount, or before the official count results due on April 12th.

Neubauer didn’t immediately say whether she would request a recount, which would face a tough challenge in overturning such a large margin and which would come at her expense. She immediately appealed to supporters for money in case she pursues the recount. Counties have until April 12 to report final vote totals, and Neubauer has three days after that to request a recount.

And she is already appealing to the D’s for money to pay for the recount.

Okay It changed from an earlier report with not all precincts in. half a percentage separates the two, so no auto re-count unless they find a few thousand votes between now and the 12th.

Supreme Court - General

3600 of 3600 Precincts Reporting - 100%Updated: 12:50 ET

Party Name Votes Vote %
NP Hagedorn, Brian 605,728 50.25 %
NP Neubauer, Lisa 599,768 49.75 %
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wait you elect Judges? that is the single stupidest thing I could ever think of.


So you are saying someone won unexpectedly, and money wasnt the overriding factor?

Wow, its almost as if you missed Trump winning an election. Every now and then someone wins when they werent expected to.

If you think this one instance is any indication of future elections… well i say more power to you, go with that.

I don’t agree with electing judges either.

how in the world are Judges going to be not bias if you elect them? they need to be bias and make promises to get votes.

Just about every article I pulled up said it was unexpected and a surprise win.

Happens occassionally, but gain, everything I’ve read tonight says it was unexpected and surprising.

It possibly could mean it’s still in play. It might now. We’ll find out in 18 months (Ish)

Ummm I agreed with you.

That was a very well researched post! Thank you.


So then you agree with everything i just said, bravo. :rofl:

Yeah it’s dumb. Imagine if we elected SCOTUS judges and judges campaigned - “If elected, I will interpret constitution in such a way as to give everyone who makes less than $60,000 a pony !”

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I presume then you werent a big Roy Moore supporter?

I think he was agreeing with you too. Just more forcefully.

If he was an elected judge, I don’t agree with electing judges. That people participate – I don’t hold grudges against them. Just the stupid politicians who think it’s a good idea.

He was, almost his entire career was spent in elected positions. Even to the point of being removed and reelected. His only defeat to my recollection was the most recent election where he was surprisingly defeated by a dem when his love of underage and young ladies became too much to overcome. Even then members of this site defended him and blamed fake news of sabotaging him.

This thread makes me happy only because there is consensus that electing judges is, and always will be, a terrible idea. It’s a huge problem.

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I smell voter fraud.


I also think that electing judges is a terrible thing.

Wisconsin went red in 2016 mainly because Hillary didn’t campaign there and voter turnout was low in that state. In 2018, Democratic Senator Tammy Baldwin won her reelection bid by double digits while GOP Governor Scott Walker lost his reelection bid. The Democratic convention is going to held in Wisconsin next year. Wisconsin has a pretty good chance of going back to blue in 2020.

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You mean you want your judges to be impartial and above politics? Why would anyone think that is a good idea? Next you will want judges to make decisions based on laws, facts and evidence rather than base political partisanship.

How many billions of free advertising did Trump receive with the almost 24/7 campaigning for D Trump on Fox News?

This is true, but at the same time when they judge is placed by either the GOP or Democrats they pick the partisan judge as well.