REPORT: US Steel Workers Set to Receive ‘BIGGEST PAY RAISE’ in Years

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Just months after the mainstream media slammed President Trump’s stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum for provoking a devastating “trade war” with China and Canada, US steel workers are now poised to receive their “biggest pay raise” in years.

According to Reuters, “United States Steel Corp workers are set to get the biggest wage jump in at least six years under a new deal negotiated with the company, providing early signs that gains from U.S. President Donald Trump’s clampdown on foreign imports are finally trickling down.”

“Trump’s restrictive trade policy, coupled with a strong economy, has sent domestic steel prices soaring, helping U.S. Steel post a near 60 percent increase in pretax profits in the June quarter,” adds the article.

Canada pushed back against the Trump administration’s tariffs in recent days; unveiling their own 25% tax aimed at American-produced steel products.

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Good news…keep it coming.

Lets hope certain party doesn’t try to sabotage it if they win congress by imposing new regulations and obstacles in the way.

Can’t help noticing how forum democrats avoid these threads.

Wonder why. :thinking:

Steel is a dead industry.
Only 140k jobs left in US.
Big whoop.

Our national security depends on it.

I don’t believe it was handed to them out of the blue. Didn’t they authorize a strike?

FOX news poll on economy 49% approve 43% disapprove.

43 percent disapprove the way our economy is going?

Are libs really this insane or are they just bitter as hell?

Yes, they did. They used great tactics. They had USSteal in a bad spot. 1. USX had little to no stockpiled steel. At least not in the Gary works. 2. The strike was authorized, and if it went thru. USX has to hire private contractors to come in and shut down operations. Ya just don’t flip a switch and shut off the lights and go home. 3. USX would have lost lots of money.

Steelworkers got great raises and it wasn’t lost by screwing them on healthcare. It is widely rumored that USXs negotiating team kicked the CEO out of negotiations as it became apparent that he wasn’t about good faith negotiations. Just union breaking.

There’s a lot of good news in the economy, and there’s also a lot of stagnation. How many industries were hurt by the steel tariffs? Hint, you don’t have to guess. There’s good data that ballparks the number.

I firmly believe that we need to get back to many more, maybe most workers belonging to a union.

I agree. I know about this strike particulars as my Secretaries Husband is a steelworker. I understand the negotiations because my Grandpa was president of US Steelworkers union 1016 in Gary. I grew up listening to union talk. Today’s unions suck up as much money as they can and then buy candidates with union dues. My wife is a union member…and she hates having anything to do with the NEA.

In my Grandpas days. They took care of the worker. Part of the dues went into an emergency fund. To take care of workers if they needed it during strikes. All a guy had to do was look my grandpa up and if he was recommended by someone solid…he had a job. That’s how it worked in Gary back in the days.