Report: Steny Hoyer encouraged Democrat to leave congressional race

It looks as if the DNC is taking steps to make sure that they are putting forth candidates they feel have the best shot at winning a General Election in November. Especially in races where they are looking to unseat a vulnerable Republican. It appears they are looking for more moderate candidates, who would appeal to a wider swath of voters in their district.

For example in this case, the candidate Hoyer asked to drop out, is looking to pursue an agenda of Medicare for All, Free College for All, and Impeachment of Trump. The DNC seems to not want to support candidates of this nature, in their hopes of retaking the House in November.

A lot of posters here accuse the Democrats of seeking to only run on the notion of Impeachment of Trump, but it appears the national party is not interested in this pursuit. At least as a campaign tool. Now, should they reclaim the House, who knows what they will do.

We should be running candidates that reflect their electorate the best (within reason – we don’t want to run white nationalists like republicans do) so this seems like an appropriate move.

It seems the Democrats are making wise political moves in this regard. But if they do not fine-tune a message that can resonate with the broader public, with something other than just opposing Trump, then 2020 may be a different story for them than the midterms will be for the House in November.

California is giving the dems a real headache with their rule that the top two finishers in the primary go on to the vote regardless of party, bunch of democrats get in the race, splits the majority democrat vote and potentially two republicans in an uncrowded field can end up on the ballot on election day. Very amusing.

Personally I think Hillary’s message was pretty good and she was the victim of actual criminal activity on the part of the RNC. That may never be proven (or may not be openly discussed for fear of riling up the KKK base of the Republican Party) but it definitely happened and dismantling the Republican Party brick by brick in a permanent way is necessary for our country to survive going forward.

I’ve been following that too. I’ve never really understood that Primary process, if we are going to have this two-party system we have. But yes, it is quite amusing to witness.

It would be smart for the democrats to avoid contentious primaries.

I listened to Hugh Hewitt interview Seth Moulton D-MA yesterday and he said that so far there are 58 Dems running for congress that are veterans. They are not talking about impeachment or any off the wall issues.

This may look a lot like 2006 where the democrats elected a good amount of moderate democrats in a wave election.

Unfortunately most of them got defeated in the 2010 mid-term.

That’s gotta be fake news. Dems don’t serve. Only republicans like our president and Ted Nugent.

LOL. Fake news. Her personal Vietnam was STDs


oh man… i laughed out loud in my meeting…lol

In Arizona here, Congresswoman Sinema who is a moderate Democrat is facing no serious opposition for the Democratic Nomination for Senator. She is very likely going to be the Democratic Nominee for Senator, and she has a pretty good chance with becoming our state’s next Senator. With Trump having won Arizona by not as large of a margin as he won Georgia, and with the GOP Candidate having won Arizona’s 8th Congressional by only about 5%, our state is turning purple.