REPORT: Social Media Attacks ON TRUMP by Congressional Democrats UP 450%

Originally published at: REPORT: Social Media Attacks ON TRUMP by Congressional Democrats UP 450% | Sean Hannity

Liberal politicians’ all-out war against the Trump administration reached stunning new heights in recent months, with recently released data showing House and Senate Democrats have ratcheted up their attacks on Facebook by 450% since his election.

According to the Washington Examiner, attacks by Democrats surged in November 2016, despite Republicans launching fewer assaults on social media during the final years of the Obama presidency.

“Following Trump’s inauguration, the share of Democratic legislators’ Facebook posts that included oppositional language – defined here as posts that oppose or disagree with the actions, decisions or positions of Trump and his administration or Republicans and conservatives – peaked in March 2017 at an average of 33% of all of their posts before ramping down to 24% toward the end of the year,” writes Pew.

“That compares with an average of 12% of Republican lawmakers’ posts expressing opposition to Democrats and liberals or Obama during the last two years of his presidency,” adds the poll.

“The analysis finds that Democrats expressed political opposition nearly five times as much under Trump as they did during the last two years of Barack Obama’s presidency. Much of this opposition was directed at President Trump, though Democrats also increasingly opposed Republican members of Congress,” says Pew.

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