REPORT: NYC Officials ‘IGNORED’ 440 ICE Detention Requests in 3 MONTHS

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New York City officials refused to comply with over 440 ICE detainer notices between January and April 2018; raising serious red flags over how the nation’s largest city plans to comply with President Trump’s harsh crackdown on illegal immigration.

According to the Daily Caller, federal agencies requested information and support from the New York City Police Department and the city’s Department of Corrections in locating the individuals, but “received no response.”

“ICE has not been notified about the release of aliens in custody at New York City facilities since 2014, except for those that fall within the 170 crimes considered egregious by the Mayor’s Office,” said a spokesperson with the agency.

According to the report, 40 of those detained and subsequently released went on to commit “additional crimes.”

The stunning data comes as the President vows to clamp down on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ across the country, pledging to take down criminal street gangs such as MS-13.

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