REPORT: Migrant Caravan Includes Countless ‘Previously Deported’ Immigrants

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A countless number of previously deported illegal immigrants are reportedly joining the growing migrant caravan as it makes its way towards the United States’ southern border; raising serious security concerns over the potential asylum-seekers weeks before they reach the US.

According to the Washington Post, illegal immigrants who have been deported from the US “multiple times” are hoping the caravan will be their ticket back into the country.

“And then there were the deportees. Many of the migrants here had previously lived in the United States, for years or even decades, joining the caravan to reunite with their children, or to resume old jobs. They were undeterred by the American authorities who had apprehended them or the U.S. president who promised to keep them out again,” writes the Post.

“It’s time for me to go back to the United States. It’s a country where I can live my life, unlike Guatemala,” said one migrant.

“When I heard about the caravan, I knew it was my chance,” he added.

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