REPORT: Michael Avenatti ‘Quietly Building’ 2020 Campaign ‘Machine’

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Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti is reportedly building his 2020 campaign “machine” in recent weeks, putting the pieces in place for a potential run against Donald Trump for the White House.

According to Politico, Avenatti has “assembled a team” of Democratic operatives and strategists to help him coordinate with party donors and officials to take-down Trump in 2020.

“Michael Avenatti has assembled a team of Democratic political veterans who are helping him coordinate meetings with donors, connect with national and state party officials, craft messaging and build out a digital fundraising apparatus designed to enable a 2020 presidential bid,” writes Politico.

“I think a lot of people underestimate me,” Avenatti told POLITICO. “I’m battle-tested, unlike some of the other likely candidates. They’re not tough enough. … If you put them in a kinder, gentler time; or against someone else? They’d be great. They’d be better than me. But they don’t have a chance in hell against Donald Trump.”