REPORT: Intelligence Agencies Had ‘Concerns’ about ‘Steele Dossier’ BEFORE FISA Warrant

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A series of recently released email chains between intelligence officials reveal the FBI and Department of Justice had “concerns” over the infamous ‘Steel Dossier,’ raising serious new questions over how the document was used to obtain FISA warrants against Trump associates.

“The email exchanges included then-FBI Director James Comey, key FBI investigators in the Russia probe and lawyers in the DOJ’s national security division, and they occurred in early to mid-October, before the FBI successfully secured a FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page,” writes the Hill’s John Solomon.

“The email exchanges show the FBI was aware — before it secured the now-infamous warrant — that there were intelligence community concerns about the reliability of the main evidence used to support it: the Christopher Steele dossier,” he adds.

“The exchanges also indicate FBI officials were aware that Steele, the former MI6 British intelligence operative then working as a confidential human source for the bureau, had contacts with news media reporters before the FISA warrant was secured,” writes Solomon.

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