REPORT: Hundreds of Residents Fleeing NYC, LA, Chicago on a DAILY BASIS

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A recent report shed stunning new light on the health of America’s three largest cities, with surprising data showing over one hundred people fleeing New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago on a daily basis.

According to Bloomberg, the net migration of the nation’s biggest cities -ignoring biological factors such as birth and death rates- took a direct hit this year, when on average 132 people left NYC, 128 fled Los Angeles, and a whopping 156 vacated Chicago each day.

“After Dallas, Sun Belt beacons Phoenix, Tampa, Atlanta and Orlando round out the top five. Seattle, at number six with a gain of 116 people daily, is the only cold-weather destination in the top 10. The daily influx surpassed 100 people in nine cities, while Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles saw an exodus of more than 100 people every day,” writes Bloomberg.

“People who choose to relocate to other parts of the country are taking their talents with them. States and local governments make a large investment in educating people and many people further this by investing in a college education, so when one moves, a large investment transfer is occurring,” adds the site.

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