REPORT: Former Intel Officers Use Security Clearances ‘TO GET RICH’

Originally published at: REPORT: Former Intel Officers Use Security Clearances ‘TO GET RICH’ | Sean Hannity

A new report from the NY Post highlights how former intelligence officers and officials use their top security clearance to “get rich,” citing multiple examples from previous administrations dating back years.

“Maintaining access to top-secret or classified information is how former intelligence officials like Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey and others command millions of dollars from the private sector. A security clearance reportedly yields a salary of up to 15 percent higher compared to the salaries of individuals without clearances for the same position,” writes the Post.

“Examples like this go right to the heart of the issue of maintaining security clearances for ex-top officials. In theory, former officials retain their security clearances to, if called upon, provide some advice, context or background to their successors. Too often, officials go to work for large contractors like Lockheed Martin and Booz Allen Hamilton, where their still-active security clearances will be mutually profitable,” adds the author.

Read the full story at the New York Post.

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It’s true and that’s why Brennan is practically foaming at the mouth over losing his.