REPORT: Former General Counsel at FBI ‘Under Investigation’ for Leaks to Media | Sean Hannity

The former top lawyer at the FBI is currently “under investigation” for intentionally leaking material to the media, confirmed Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Mark Meadows Tuesday.

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At WHAT POINT will something be done about these corrupt DOJ people AND corrupt Clinton?

We are getting sick of reading about this crap day after day and nothing getting done.
We ALL know Barr will do $hit about this corruption. He IS the deep swamp.

We see a large effort in play against the President, with disparate players involved. An operation of this sort would need to be coordinated for it to be effective. (Were it a rogue official or two then no.) So, who is (it is still being carried out) in charge of the operation and who gave the go ahead for it’s implementation?
For us to work our way up the chain of command, there will need to be plea deals made for the underlings,those deals will only be made under threat of penalty. But, before that can occur, there has to be some honest investigation done by those not involved. That seems unlikely to occur. If nothing else Trump should purge the agencies involved to the extreme, real justice may be beyond the scope of reality. In other words, we may not be able to prosecute them, but we can fire them.

If this rot goes clear to Obama, then we can imagine he will never be touched.

Trumps shut down may (time will tell) be the very vehicle to remove the bloat in our government. 30days then furlows. Just waiting…