REPORT: Drug Cartels Using ‘Migrant Caravans’ to Smuggle Narcotics Across the Border

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Mexican drug cartels are using the chaos caused by incoming ‘Migrant Caravans’ to smuggle drugs into the United States and avoid detection, reports the Washington Times.

According to the report, multiple cartels are using the large groups to “distract” and “overwhelm” Border Patrol Agents; using the time to transfer drugs across the border in another location.

“They’re using these large groups to facilitate the crossing of narcotics because they know they’ve tied up a large percentage of our manpower,” confirmed a Border Patrol official.

“On any day, about 150 Border Patrol agents are pulled out of the field and have to do ‘hospital watch,’ staying with hundreds of illegal immigrants who were so sick when they arrived that they needed immediate medical attention, officials said,” writes the Washington Times.

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