Repeal Obama Care TODAY, what are we waiting for?

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats shoved Obama Care down our throats promising to climb any wall, poll vault over -> whatever it took. They passed it when the Majority didn’t want it even when it was supposed to lower cost and we could keep our doctors and plans.

Now we KNOW that keeping our doctors and plans was a lie all along and they KNEW IT when they were saying it. We also now know that instead of lowering costs, it doubled or tripled the costs, all for the goal of FORCING some people to pay for the Health Care of other people, which is a VIOLATION of the 13th Amendment’s prohibition on Involuntary Servitude.

The FACT is, Obama Care is unconstitutional because it violates the 13th Amendment via the goal of FORCING some Citizens to Serve other Citizens, -> Involuntary Servitude, inadequate Supreme Court rulings notwithstanding. Too bad nobody ever made the argument to the Supreme Court that Obama Care violates the 13th Amendment, because the people would have won that argument and Obama Care would have been stricken, else the Supreme Court would have been proven to be a kangaroo court, because concluding that Obama Care puts some citizens into the Involuntary Servitude of other Citizens is obvious. Obama even stated this as THE GOAL of the un-Affordable Healthcare Act.

So WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR?!!! Since Obama Care violates the 13th Amendment, and EVERY elected member o the House, Senate and White House has taken an oath to defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC, they all have a DUTY to repeal Obama Care. We cannot expect the Democrats to do their duty of defending the Constitution, because they were the ones bent on violating it.

I call on the Republican to FULFILL ON YOUR OATH TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION NOW, before the Involuntary Servitude loving Democrats take over!!! Do the right thing while you still can. You know would do the wrong thing in a lame duck if they could, like when they buried our children in debt after the 2010 election loss by giving Obama open ended budgets.

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They’re not going to do squat. They had the House, the Senate, and the White House for 2 years - that was plenty of time. Now they have added to that massive amount of debt.

Quite frankly, they deserve the spanking they got.

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One of the reasons Republicans lost is health care.

I say do it GOP!

(More seats for the Ds in 2020)

As soon as trump care is ready to be rolled out, only then would repealing obamacare make sense. Nobody wants to go back to how things were before health care was reformed.

Trump supposedly had his healthcare bill ready to go on day 1. I think there is currently an APB out on that bill - hopefully someone can find it


Great post.

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The problem with having “Trump Care”, is that my health care IS NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS, unless I have been defrauded in some way.

Who OWNS your body? Do YOU own your body? Living inside of a body which belongs to somebody else is the condition of a SLAVE.

As a Freeman, I own MY body. It is the OWNER of a thing who is responsible for maintaining that thing. Since I own MY body, it is MY responsibility to make sure that my body has housing, food, and medical care. I can no more expect the Government, which is actually the Taxpayers, to be responsible for caring for MY body, than I can legitimately expect YOU to maintain MY Minivan.

There is no Right to healthcare, because Liberty is an unalienable Human Right that each person has, so NOBODY can be FORCED to Serve/Help somebody else. ALL help for people in need MUST be done VOLUNTARILY, else the Government is failing to protect the Right to Liberty, and the 13th Amendment is being violated. The 13th Amendment makes Involuntary Servitude as illegal as Slavery.

So the legitimate “Repeal and Replace” of the tyranny of Obama Care, is to Repeal Obama Care and Replace it with FREEDOM, leaving me alone.

I want MY Freedom alternative, where the Government doesn’t treat me like it OWNS me, by acting like Government is responsible for maintaining my body.

Note to Democrats: The worst part about YOU wanting the Government to treat you like a slave, is that you make the Government treat me like a slave too. Quit violating MY Human Rights. Go buy a plot of land and do your Socialist thing with your other Democrat buddies, and LEAVE ME ALONE. Quit sucking me into your collective via unconstitutional Government policy.

Trump was going to do all that Day One.

So what are we waiting for. Do it now.

I don’t know. Ask Republicans/trump.


I’m sure the 23 Republican Senators who are up for re-election in 2020 can’t wait to vote for repeal. :wink:

Your wiki is open.

They got tax cuts for the rich man. Mission accomplished

They took an oath to defend the Constitution, so they have to do the right thing win or lose.

okay lets say the government hears your proposal

they say no thanks

your turn

Lol…omg…you guys and your dreams…you had your chance…sit down

Wow, I’M RICH even though I can’t afford health care insurance, and I didn’t even know it. Loved the tax cuts.

Obama Care is a violation of Human Rights. It will never be over until it is gone. EVERY Citizens has a Civic Duty to help get rid of it, because we are ALL supposed to watch out for each others Rights, and NOT let the Government violate anyone’s Rights.

The Government has no more authority to FORCE me to do health care the way Democrats want me to than is has to FORCE me to do Religion the way the Catholics do. Unalienable Right are NOT up for negotiation or Majority Vote. MY Rights to Liberty and Pursuit of happiness belong to ME, not the Majority or Congress. Since I am not violating anybody else’s Rights by NOT participating in any health care insurance, I have the RIGHT to be left alone.

I wish the Democrats would quit control freaking on everyone They have a Civic Duty to CUT IT OUT.

Uh huh…2009 called…its bored of this

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