Rep. Nunes Resigns

Just found this. He seems to be resigning to run Trump’s social media platform? He officially resigned today.

There was a thread about him last year when the announcement was made.

It’s strange how “last year” seems distant, but is really only a couple days ago.

I consider that if I get the year correct on a form in January, I am doing pretty good.

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Right? I usually come around to Happy New Year in late January early February.

That’ll be a pay raise.

He used to be a rising star in some circles. Now he’s just another Trump lackey.

I think the perfect illustration of Nunes is him busting his hump to leak info to the white house…that the white house had already leaked to congress.

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Until that business fails like the others…

…with a vision, a purpose, and doing what he wants to do.
How many lackeys can say that?

I wonder if the next time we see Nunes he will be orange?

I wonder how his cow is doing

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It’s funny hiring a guy to take charge in a social media business, who lost to a cow on Twitter.

It really, really is.:laughing:

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Michael Cohen.

Why would you say that? I kinda doubt it.