Rename The Squad the “Hamas Caucus”!

Doesn’t matter, it’s what she IS right now that matters. She’s anti-America, a racist & Marxist. She should be impeached, possibly jailed for supporting terrorists.


It’s just one banger after another with two of the squad I would imagine even AOC is whispering hey you might tone it down a bit. And I love the response “Can you clarify what you said”? As if a second grader didn’t understand what that sentence meant.

It’s just a matter of time before one of them (and I am betting on Omar) whips out something out so outlandish it can’t be walked back. I think it was Omar that won the online poll award anti Semite of the year in 2019 even beating Slytherins Richard Spencer.


Da comrade. Omar’s constituency think she’s doing a fantastic job. Welcome to her district, a good chunk of downtown Minneha ha ha ha

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Jailed for supporting terrorists?

Oh the drama.

All that time finding pictures to make absolutely no point.

Yes, 15 precious seconds I’ll never get back.
But sorry you missed the irony.

I was responding to someone who thought Omar was an example of why the number of refugees allowed into America should be lowered. Her story is compelling and should be an shining example for the good refugees can bring to our county.

You posted images without context that don’t address anything being discussed.

No it isn’t.


Why not?

She didn’t do anything and she isn’t doing good now.

What it is an example of is US charity.


She escaped war, spent time in a refugee camp, sought asylum in America, graduated from college, sought employment, was the first Somali American and the first naturalized citizen of African birth in the United States Congress, and the first woman of color to represent Minnesota. She is also one of the first two Muslim women to serve in Congress.

She has taken the charity given and done something with it.

19 of my Brothers were killed and another 80 wounded feeding her family.

She hardly “escaped”.

She has taken their sacrifice and come here to run her suck.


Their sacrifice is to be commended.

She has taken their sacrifice and become a representative of the people. A freedom our country is founded upon. Her ability to express herself freely is another example of those freedoms.

I’m sorry you don’t happen to agree with her. That doesn’t diminish my original point that her story, and what she’s done with her opportunities is a shining example for all refugees.

She has taken advantage of their sacrifice to spit on the country that saved her.


She clearly has not. Our military fight for and uphold the very freedoms that Omar is taking advantage of. You not agreeing wither her do not diminish her accomplishments.

She very clearly has. Gamed the system. Played the race card. And all to destroy liberalism in her will to power.


Your disagreement is noted.

She is still and Islamist regardless of her story she still is wearing the niqab in the west saying the same anti Jewish tropes that are so frequent from her original homeland.

Now the other anti Semite Tlaib at least try’s to westernize some so I give her that.


As is your mythology.

Nothing I’ve said is myth. It’s all fact.