Rename The Squad the “Hamas Caucus”!

LOL the self anointed queen is not amused.


I’m ok with that.

Not sure Hamas is though.

Thank the lord that the clowns in Washington have nothing better to do than play circus. Wouldn’t want to bother actually getting things done.

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Suggest Hamas be brought up on war crimes.

Have Republicans and octogenarian idiots in your own party scold you as a Hamas supporter.

Didn’t need Trump for that center ring after all…


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D Trump would be proud… That Rep. learned well.

Nope…The GOP is full of clowns, there are plenty to go around…:grin:

Nice to moving forward again.


while were at it lets rename the far right the dictator squad since they seem to want the person who lost to be president regardless of the election

The Myanmar Caucus ?

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He was the one driving the clown car for a few years. What’s amazing is that, rather than keeping his foot on this gas, he decided to open the door, jump out, and then tried to claim he was illegally shoved out. It’s simply astonishing how many decided to keep wearing their clown suits in the aftermath.

Where did that happen?

The Hamaucus


It’s what Ilhan O. wrote.

Along with the US…

And the Taliban, the Afghan gov’t, and Israel.

You see what the argument actually is?

Yeah, the US is no different than Hamas and the Taliban.

■■■■ her.


She’s such a great anti-American, isnt she?

She’s a valid argument to lessen the amount of refugees we take in.


A refugee who fled war, sought asylum in America, graduated from high school and college, worked multiple jobs, was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives, and then elected to the US House of Representatives.

This is your valid argument for lowering the amount of refugees we allow in? Her? Seriously?

All because you disagree with things that she says?

Come on.