Remember when militia groups and white nationalists were the greatest threat?

Reports from Ukraine are the government is handing out rifles to civilians to fight invading Russians.

At the same time, Facebook is reversing its ban on posts praising the Azov Battalion, a Ukrainian far-right ultra-nationalist group with links to the CIA and NATO.

Yet, I thought that militia groups and far-right extremists were precisely the greatest terrorist threats to American freedom and democracy.

If that is true, then why would the US be supporting these “terrorist groups” overseas?

In the case of a Russian takeover, members of these groups are likely to leave Ukraine for the US. Why would the US government be preparing to bring “terrorists” to the US?


The Ukranians aren’t the domestic terrorists Wray was talking about a year ago.

According to the FBI criteria, they should be classified as domestic terrorists in Ukraine.

If they come the US, they would logically become domestic terrorists here.

Governments of the US and other NATO countries are supporting these groups. Does that mean the we have state-sponsored terrorism?

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Domestic terrorist are usually domestic to their home country. Ukraine domestic terrorists don’t become US domestic terrorists logically or otherwise just because they move.


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Biden launched his campaign based on the events in Charlottesville because of marche by “neo-nazis . . . crazed faces illuminated by torches”

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In the US the narrative has been that the FBI needs to have broad powers to go after political opponents because the threat from far-right white-nationalist groups.

Meanwhile in Ukraine the US government has been funding a far-right white-nationalist group that is actively recruiting and training members from western Europe in the US.

Is the government creating a threat from these groups in order to provide pretext for broader powers against political opponents?

Or is the support of these groups just a byproduct of the US efforts counter Russian influence in Ukraine?

See the Time video above starting at 4:45 about their recruiting in western Europe and the US. Here is a similar report from NBC:


Lots of spin and twisting in this thread.


From what I see, the strategy of funding the white-supremacist ultra-nationalist Azov Battalion in Ukraine makes sense from the perspective of the FBI/CIA:

  1. They have committed anti-Russian fighters in Ukraine who attract volunteers from different parts of the world.

  2. They foster the development of white-supremacist groups elsewhere in North America and Europe, which provides a pretext for greater powers for the state to protect society from “Nazis and racists”.

A win-win!

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Get back to me when this militia attacks it’s own government like the January 6 rioters did. Then there would be an equivalent comparison.

The Ukrainian militia is attacking an invasion force who is actively attacking their country - NOT the Ukrainian government.

Hope that clears things up.

Obviously you were not paying much in attention back in 2014 when the Ukrainian revolution removed the elected president.

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We are supporting Fascists against Russia and progs love it.

Never thought I’d see it.


Wasn’t it NBC who ran the feel good Ukrainian granny learning to shoot piece? She was being trained by the neo nazi group, lols.


So why not use this as the basis of the argument to try to prove the point trying to be made here rather than the current conflict? It would have at least made a bit more sense.

Yes, there is a lot of irony.

From what I see, the Azov group represents a tiny fraction of Ukrainian society, but they are paramilitaries that are funded and trained by the US government. It appears that they report to the CIA, not the Ukrainian government.

Putin’s comments about Russia removing “Nazis” from Ukraine have been widely ridiculed in US media. For example, see the NBC article below. Ironically NBC recently ran the story about training Ukrainian civilians to use guns but failed to mention that the Azov Battalion was doing the training.

Propaganda is hardly unique to Russia.

This is a wild take on things.

Yes, most of the reports about Ukraine are propaganda from what I see.

Putin implies that Ukraine is overrun with neo-Nazis. American media ignore the Azov Battalion completely in recent reports.

Both are pushing propaganda to support state-approved narratives.

Anyone who knows anything understands that the Azov Battalion are Ukranian Nationalist Neo-Nazis.

This very strange attempt at finding some equivalency in that and Putin launching an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is so very very very bizarre.

I just can’t understand the point behind such a thing.

Smearing opponents as Nazis as a pretext for armed intervention is hardly unique to Putin.

It is straight from the Biden/FBI/Trudeau playbooks.

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