Remember the conspiracy theories about COVID internment camps?

And I’d bet that each individual decides if they are able to quarantine. I doubt govt is intruding into people’s abodes to make an assessment.

Regardless, this is Australia, not the US.

Because it would take a lot of manpower.

That’s just hilarious. If you get to decide, it isn’t mandatory. This is simple english. I can’t make specific historical references but you are siding with some unsavory practices. And by the way, quarantine would be sort of ok if they weren’t totally ignoring the science and treating recovered covid patients as unvaxxed. And if the mortality was like at least five times higher. This is punishment to induce compliance, not public health science.

Oh and do yourself a favor and research the WEF

That’s what I said. The government sets the criteria and the individual complies.

More manpower than rounding up people and shipping them off to camps where more people are required to tend to them? Do you seriously believe that a government that was inclined to implement this kind of heavy-handed scheme would not enforce it? If compliance is voluntary, it’s not mandatory … and the linked story states clearly that it is mandatory.

You are working awfully hard at trying to defend this nonsense.

My personal favorite was you can go to a restaurant as long as you walk in wearing a mask then once at the table everyone can take their mask off to eat and drink. That almost sounds like it came about as a sick joke yet it was practiced for a long time.

It’s comedy. It’s still practiced now. Go in to any hospital, you’ll be required to wear a mask. Go to the cafe and no one is wearing a mask.

At least where I live masks aren’t required in most places other than hospitals.

Check out this comedy.


Crazy how do they possibly enforce that, I might not want to know.


Yeah, particularly after you cover the camera on your computer. :wink:

The scary part is the mindset of the person or persons that mandated it. Even governors that would love to do it aren’t ignorant enough to actually mandate it. These guys in Santa Cruz must have some godlike opinion of themselves if they think they can tell people what to do inside their own homes in regards to face diapers.

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Forced vaccinations are a Russian plot . . .

What is it that you think you are getting at there?