Remember that Judge who Questioned Muellers Authority?

And how he would stop the evil Robert Mueller in his illegal quest to destroy Donald Trump WITCH HUNT?

About that:

The May 17 Appointment Order plainly authorizes the investigation of indirect links between Trump campaign officials and the Russian government in addition to more direct connections. In this regard, the May 17 Appointment Order authorizes the Special Counsel to investigate defendant’s ties with individuals financially and politically supported by the Russian government, even where, as here, those individuals are not themselves members of the Russian government.

It is “plausible” and indeed ultimately persuasive,” he said further, “to argue that the [Manafort] investigation and prosecution has some relevance to the election which occurred months if not years after the alleged misconduct.”


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pretty quiet in here, hu?

Nothing but the soft sounds of the wayward brook.

Dayum. That’s exactly the point I’ve been making all along.

Deep State got to him.

I remember fondly, when this judge was formerly a conservative icon, that Sean would read the judge’s ruling on his radio show, loudly and with emotion. Multiple times. Lol.

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Well now, seems this judge got the information he demanded from Mueller. Good job.

Manafort is likely to never see a free day again for the rest of his life. Couldn’t happen to a better guy. :+1:

well then…

Deripaska? Putin’s boy?