Remember all the posts about how democrats and liberals were slobs?

supposedly leaving messes at all their rallys?

it seems the GOP is just as bad…

Add it to the impeachment charges!

It’s New Jersey. How did they know?


New Jersey is filthy? Say it ain’t so! :rofl:

Ever been to East Orange?

It New Jersey… that probably IS cleaner than they found it.


Seriously though:

If that’s the way it was left it reflects poorly on those attending, those organizing the event, and possibly the venue.

Those attending for leaving their junk all over.

Those organizing and the venue for not having a plan in place or enough trash containers for it to be dumped into.

I would be ashamed to attend an event that was left like that.


I believe the comparison was between the filthy Occupy Wall Street vermin who pooped on cop cars, left needles all around, and were general pigs, all true documented stories… …and the Tea Party rallies who were always nice and neat and clean, also true documented stories.

So it looks like the Trump crowd is slightly less neat. Oh well, add that to the articles of impeachment. It will be the worst thing in them.

Humans are slobs…glad we discovered this in 2020…

Should I show you all the litter around my house from people? Some arent dems…some arent gop. .

any Bigfoots ?

Some people I have to question

So…the trump followers are like Occupy Wall Street vermin?

Do you remember what I told you in the other thread?

That’s not an answer. Are you comparing the trump followers with the Occupy Wall Street vermin? Yes or no?

Kind of sounds like it

About the mess: Recall that 26% of attendees (and probably same ratio for those who didn’t get in) were Democrats. Likely they did it, but at least they are the road to recovery.


Ahh, but it is.

Cant tell if serious


Again, you are altering another poster’s post. Why are you not quoting my entire post?

Don’t get too excited, I’ve attended 2 Trump rallies out of morbid curiosity and would never vote for him.