Rekt on a Sunday

I had lunch on this Sunday at an excellent Mexican restaurant with my mom. We wore masks and dined outside. I had two Texas margaritas and stopped by the grocery store for a six pack of IPAs on the way home. I just wanna say wear your ■■■■■■■ masks and do the social distancing thing. Even if I disagree with you I’d much rather have you around than not have you around!

This concludes today’s alcohol fueled rant.



I raise my beer to your rant.


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Cheers. Its a message worth repeating.

I went out for brunch and it was fantastic to see everyone wearing masks. The family owned restaurant and have done everything possible to minimize the risk.

I will support them by giving them my business as much as I can.

Did the same at a Mexican restaurant by the lake with outdoor seating. The food and the view were excellent (would rather eat outdoors anyways).

I did similar but instead it was a Margarita at the restaurant but instead of IPAs I enjoyed a joint of Sour Dubbreath afterwards