Reelection suggestions!

With the latest polls showing President Trump behind, I was hoping Sean could get this message to the president , of just a little ideas that I think would make a big difference in his reelection campaign. The 800,000 dreamers that are here in America he might want to consider giving them US citizenship In one blanket action. It would just infuriate the Democrats but it might really swing a lot of the immigration people’s votes they may look favorably on the president for doing that. The second thing is, I wish he would lead us in the pledge of allegiance prior to his rallies and then when the pledge is done, literally as a cheerleader lead us in the USA chant and then from that point on every time he would raise his fist that would be indicative to start the Chan and at times when he’s made a point and the crowd hasn’t reacted like he was anticipating he couldRaise his fist and get the chant going. Just three little things that I think could help because we have to get this man reelected trump 2020

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I would demand that Biden come out of Hiding and actually answer questions rather than giving pre scripted speeches. Maybe a pre debate with questions being offered by FOX and CNN? Offer this challenge in a TV ad so he is forced to respond.

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Maybe instead of raising his fist, he could hold his arm up in salute? That would get the crowd going! A fist is so aggressive! And it sort of steals from the Black Panthers and that lot.


I recommend that Trump continue to re-tweet videos with people yelling “white power”!
Or come on TV and tell the American public that he spoke to Putin, and believes when Putin told him there are no bounties on American soldiers.

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I recommend he keep doing what he’s doing. The 20 million that watched his rally is indicative of the slaughter that’s about to happen. These polls are the sheople food being fed at the sheople troughs for the sheople to regurgibleet to their family…friends…neighbors…and working cohorts in hopes of a liberal miracle…with Joe Biden leading the charge :rofl: but they’re as definitive as 2016 and Hillary-vu of yesterday…amirite? :sunglasses:

Not just behind. Way behind with no re election message.

Make America great again…again ain’t cutting it.


As a biden support, I heartily support staying the course with the trump campaign.

Those half filled rallies are inspiring.


…I can see you in support right now…with him standing behind you, hands on your shoulders…leaning over, whiffing in the sweet smell of your aroma, while attempting to maintain his balance. :sunglasses:

The kid sniffer angle has worked out well for trump so far…keep it going.

See what all the trump supporters are doing ain’t working.

Maybe try something like…I don’t know…come up with a replacement for Obamacare and campaign on it…yeah I know too much work involved.


I know…what’s does 20 million viewers strong during a national pandemic indicate? You’ve got Biden. :sunglasses:

I would be wary of assuming that all 20 million of those viewers were watching the stream in support of President Trump.

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Could you expand further on the idea that granting US citizenship to the dreamers, after fighting against that for his entire presidency, would help his election chances?

The other points you listed are not going to help him get reelected, but I agree would make for good entertainment for the crowd.

That people are home and bored?

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Drinking game?

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Damn you’ve gotten “deep” in your old age? :sunglasses:

Keep it to the topic and not about me.

I thought the topic of “home and board”…playing “drinking games” was about you? Sowry. :sunglasses: