RECOUNT REJECTS: Broward County Misses Recount Deadline… By TWO MINUTES

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Broward County election officials missed Thursday’s 3pm deadline by just two minutes this week; effectively nullifying the extended vote and prompting state officials to use the original tally from Election Day.

“The top election official in Florida’s heavily Democratic Broward County said late Thursday that the county had uploaded the results of its recount two minutes after the state’s 3 p.m. deadline – making its machine recount tally void. Instead, the county’s results from last Tuesday’s election will stand until manual recount totals in the state’s closely contested Senate race come in Sunday at noon,” writes Fox News.

News of the botched deadline comes just hours after Election Supervisor Brenda Snipes bragged of never missing a deadline.

“We are excited to be at this point,” she claimed Thursday afternoon. “An election like the one we just finished almost has so many moving parts and so many components.”

“Basically, I just worked my a** off for nothing,” said one official.

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